OSHO dehypnosis

OSHO DeHypnosis is a session that lasts about one and a half hour and is given to an individual or to a group. The person is guided from the session giver, relaxes deeply and his consciousness grows. This method is used in order to help the person to deepen into meditation or to bring clarity to a problem.


OSHO counseling

The OSHO Counseling session is a meditative process where the individual has the opportunity to understand and sort out personal problems. Through this the person relaxes, understanding now as a watcher the root of his problem. He experiences truth as it is and not only the truth of his perception. He reconnects with his clarity and sense of direction. The session lasts about an hour and is given to an individual or to a couple.

OSHO family constellation

Every child is connected to a family, and takes on certain roles in the family structure.
Each member of the family, including those who are absent through death or separation, are energetically present in the family structure and affect other members.
Similarly the suppressed emotions of the family members are also present and may be absorbed by others in the system. By recreating the structure (constellation) of the family, the relationships within the system can become clear and an individual can see how these unresolved dynamics have been affecting him or her since childhood.


OSHO meditation

The OSHO Meditation session is for the person who wants to experience and understand in depth the instructions of an OSHO Meditation technique. This technique can be chosen from the person or from a trained facilitator in OSHO Meditations. The stages of each meditation and their meaning, are guided and explained in detail. The duration of this session is about two hours.

“Choose a technique that suits you, put your whole energy into it and you will never be the same again.”   Osho


OSHO neo reiki

The OSHO Neo Reiki session is an energy method of healing and meditation.

The receiver is lying or in some cases sitting, with eyes closed. The giver touches him gently with his hands. He usually starts from the head, passing through the body and the feet positioning the hands on the person’s clothes. The giver becomes a channel of energy for the receiver.

During the session the receiver feels his body filling with energy and resting, respectively of a night sleep, and at the same time, his sensitivity and understanding are increasing.

The OSHO Neo Reiki session is a meditation method that creates a situation in which simultaneously there is deep relaxation and alertness. It supports physical and mental health and expands consciousness.

The session lasts one and a half hour.

You can read more about OSHO Neo Reiki and the trainings.

OSHO tarot reading

The OSHO Tarot cards can support the person to see what happens this moment in his life and what is the potential beyond of what he is experiencing at the moment.

It can be a reading on a particular question that the person has or it can help in seeing  his relationship with a person or it can generally bring him clarity in the here and now. The session can last forty five minutes or one and a half hour.

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