Spilioti Xrysa

February 2016

I would like to share a taste of my important for me experiences in Osho Experience Greece at N. Psyhico. I went to take some information about meditation. It is an elegant place which welcomes you transmitting to you at once tranquillity, serenity and joy.

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Anurag Fatima

July 2016

7 years ago, in a period of my life that I was dealing with a personal issue, I was found “accidentally” in Osho Experience Greece for the first time. Until that moment I had no idea about Reiki, meditation or anything energetically. I started receiving Reiki sessions and at the same time I started meditating to support myself.

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Vivek Danai

April 2017

There are many things that have changed in my life since Osho and Reiki were found on my path. I started meditating when I was 14 years old. In a phase of my life very difficult, teenage. I had depression and I didn’t find any meaning in living. Giving myself daily in Reiki sessions and using the meditation techniques that Osho has given, I started to have joy for life, I began to see the beauty all around me.

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Archana E.Sidirokastriti

July 2018

My first contact with OSHO Experience Greece was in May 2013. My beloved childhood friend Deva Nanda had suggested it and I have that meeting in my heart, I remember it as if it was yesterday.

As I found out, after the first appointment in the OSHO Center, I felt comfortably, friendliness, security and care from Vikrant and Sada.

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Ramdhan Iro Frokkai

March 2019

I met Sada and Vikrant when I called Sada as a Feng Shui Consultant – Therapist in 2012 to do a Feng Shui study and healing in my shop. Everyone was telling me then: “What problems are you creating for yourself with Feng Shui? This is nonsense and these people are fooling you.” I didn’t listen to them of course because I was aware that I was losing money although the shop was working well.

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