Dehypnosis is going back from the object towards oneself. We have so many ideas and convictions about everything. Dehypnosis takes away all ideas and labels so we can have a clear view and understanding about reality and about ourselves.


About Hypnosis


Hypnosis means deliberately created sleep. Somebody else, a hypnotist is hypnotizing you. This happens only if the person is willing, is ready to go into the unknown. And it goes as deep as the person is ready to. The hypnotist doesn’t have the power to hypnotize. He has the technique.

Hypnosis is a tremendous source of energy. The ordinary sleep goes deep and it can help the body to rejuvenate but it can’t go that deep enough as hypnosis can.


About Meditation


Meditation is a state of no-mind. Mind is a constant traffic of thoughts, desires, memories, ambitions. It never stops. It functions even when we sleep. It is still in worries and anxieties preparing for the next day. Mind itself can never be peaceful, silent. Silence is possible without mind.

Everything is done by the mind except meditation. Mind cannot penetrate meditation. Where mind ends, meditation begins. Trying to attain a silent mind is an impossible dimension.

Meditation is the awareness that I am not the mind. It means to drop everything which is one’s memory and come to the state where only consciousness remains, where only awareness remains. People who know how to be without the mind, are the only capable of using the mind, otherwise the mind uses them.


How does the process of Dehypnosis work?


The journey towards the self can start only from the mind. So the initial step of meditation is hypnotic. This happens because our energy is in the mind. We live in the mind.

When you move towards the object: thoughts, emotions, anxiety, you are hypnotizing yourself. In this way you are going further away from yourself. Dehypnosis means you are coming back from the object towards yourself.

Hypnosis can be used to break the dreams and the deep-rooted illusions that go on inside you. When you are in hypnosis, with the use of suggestions, you become unconscious and only then you can work upon.

The key to meditation is watching. Meditation techniques are actually hypnosis at its initial phase. But the basic fundamental element that will protect you from being hypnotized, is witnessing. This is the difference between meditation and hypnosis.

Hypnosis is useful in meditation only when you become the observer. You are aware, alert and present during the whole process, knowing what is happening. This is a state of Dehypnosis where suggestions are used to break your unconscious.


note: The texts are written based on Osho’s words on hypnosis, meditation and dehypnosis.


Watch on YouTube Sada & Vikrant introducing the DeHypnosis

Greek language, available english subtitles

To whom the process of Dehypnosis is happening?


Osho says:

‘The people to whom nothing is happening have a weaker willpower. They are afraid, frightened. They are even afraid that it may happen! How strange man is! They have come to meditate. They have come for meditation to take place, but now they are afraid that it may really happen. And when they see things happening to others they wonder if it is all put on. These are their defense measures.

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Feedbacks on DeHypnosis


Dehypnosis is the absolute therapy without actually doing anything!

De-hypnosis is a deep self-transformation without even realizing how this is happening.
You just wake up and you start living in a new different way, more relaxed, more healthy, more natural. You find yourself having more clarity, more sensitivity, and much more joy and ecstasy! You suddenly experience a new dimension of life!
And you wonder where did this new way come from, how can I see today what I couldn t yesterday? And yet you know the answer…it is De-hypnosis!!!


Ajita M. Kastrioti, Astrologer & OSHO meditations facilitator


Osho Dehypnosis is for me the most powerful meditation technique. Meditation happens without the need to do anything. It is the most fast and easy method with which I experience silence. It brings me to my heart and to whatever is there. With Dehypnosis I feel that my body has no limits nor restrictions and I go deeper. Relaxing more and more every time I practice this technique. I am feeling more, because the energy moves from the thoughts to the heart. I experience calm and peace and that everything is all right as it is.

Dehypnosis with Zoom doesn’t make any difference in the way I experience the energy. It is as if we are all together at the same place. Dehypnosis is the most enjoyable and wonderful meditation method!


Vivek Danai-Eirini Tsatsouli, Vegan Chef


Dehypnosis is for me the most powerful meditative process. There is no need to do absolutely anything. I just follow the voice that guides me. It easily and quickly brings me to here and now, with the most relaxed way. I feel that I am part of life and I experience that everything around me is enough as it is and all right. In my everyday life, it gives me relaxation, clarity and a deep trust in life and in whatever comes. In my work, it has given me centering and it has replaced my agony – fear of survival – with creativity and joy.

I can remain with the pain and anxiety that I feel inside, with an unprecedented stoicalness and peace.

There is no difference in the process and in the energy between Webinar De-Hypnosis and the one that is

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Bela S. Kardamaki, Graphic designer & painter


Since 2009 I use various meditation techniques. If I were to start now I would use the DeHypnosis technique as for me it is the simplest and most relaxing method. One of its main advantages is that it does not require any effort on my part, except to follow the voice of the guide. This is essential for me as I had been “trained” all the years to try to achieve in what I do, either it was a job or even another meditation technique. The outcome was to get frustrated and angry when I was “failing”. With DeHypnosis I have no expectations as I have nothing to do and so I do not enter the technique with tension. I use it daily, during the day and before my nighttime sleep, which has changed, has become deep and restful.

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Fatima Anurag-Tina Triantafyllopoulou, OSHO Neo Reiki Facilitator & State Employee Ministry of Finance


Today, 31 Jan 2021, was my first experience with osho de-hypnosis and it was extremely magical. I experienced connection, love, sweetness and sharing. The flame of my existence was revived inside of me and I was connected with the center of my soul.

I felt my body completely and every cell of mine became alive! I experienced calmness and serenity. I feel present and there is endless energy and silence at the same time. I trusted the process and I feel really grateful for this gift.


Pagozidou Athanasia, Owner of an OPAP Agency


March 2021 – My first experience with de-hypnosis was eight months ago. In the beginning with de-hypnosis I started to feel my body and become one with it. It brought me closer to my inner world and little by little I began to realize things inside me that until then I did not even know that existed. I started to feel compassion and love for my body and therefore for myself. During the day I was more relaxed and fresh and I stopped using alarm clocks. Now I sleep much less and feel much better. It has brought me closer to myself that I was afraid to meet. It is a difficult journey many times but it makes it wonderfully beautiful. It is a method that requires you to do absolutely nothing just to feel and follow the voice of the guide. So what are you waiting for? Relax and let the host do his job!


Petros Mpoutzis, Undergraduate student – Basketball player


June 2021 – May 2013 was my first visit to OSHO Experience Greece. Since then, I have participated in various groups facilitated by Sada and Vikrant and occasionally from facilitators invited from abroad.
I have experienced the technique of dehypnosis as a procedure in the Center OSHO Experience Greece and online. It is just as powerful as when we are close by, energy has no limits and limitations.
Personally, dehypnosis is the technique I use every day, it relaxes me, relaxes the tensions of the body and the mind. This supports my work that has to do with physical movement and my contact with people. I remember myself getting angry for different reasons and how intense the thoughts were as a result of losing the moment

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Prem Archana Sidirokastriti, Tennis Coach – ZenTennis Greece founder

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