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    – The donor who wants to donate to the company OSHO EXPERIENCE GREECE, referred as the “Company”, must come in written contact with the Company and inform about the type and the amount/magnitude of the donation.


    – The person in charge of the company evaluates the donation and informs the donor about the acceptance of total, partial or no acceptance of the donation.


    – Any decision of the acceptance about the donation, whether positive or negative, will be sent to the donor, which will be signed by the person in charge of the Company.


    – The way the donation is managed will be at the company’s discretion, of course within the framework of its operation and in favor of its purposes.


    – All payments will be done through the website using the Bank Account or PayPal of the Company. After the donation is approved, all transactions will be executed through the PayPal or Bank account payment of the Company. With the confirmation of the donor in this case, that he authorizes PayPal to request the amount he has offered from his bank account, debit or credit card. ·  Before the donation is completed, the name of the donor, postal address and electronic address (email) must be mentioned in order to send the donation receipt, together with the details of his bank account, debit or credit card which he wishes to use for the donation.This information will be used to complete the donation. It is the obligation of the donor to confirm that he has provided the correct information. When he completes his payment details, they are transferred to the Company’s PayPal or Bank account where they will be safely collected from it. He needs to confirm that he knows the terms of PayPal and agree with them. The details are not disclosed. ·  The obligation of the Company is to maintain an electronic register of Donors that will include a short biography of the donor and a brief description of his donation.


    – The donοr who wants to donate to the OSHO EXPERIENCE GREECE Non Profit Organization, after written communication, will receive an email with the Purposes of the Organization.



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