For the moment sessions are happening by appointment online with videocalls (available on Zoom, Skype, Signal, Messenger, What’s up and Viber).

Sessions like: OSHO meditation, dehypnosis, family constellation, meditation coaching and osho neo reiki are happening with videocall.

These sessions were already happening online, before the Covid situation and are presence remain the same!


OSHO Experience Greece Meditation Center will open its space, at the Neo Psychiko area, on 7 September 2020.

All the measures in need are taken to protect and take care the health of everyone. Participation in the Center is maximum 5 people per group due to COVID-19 and the use of mask is now required. To participate you need to book your place in advanced.


Many groups are not available in the moment because they need the presence and interaction with other participants.


OSHO Neo Reiki trainings can happen to an individual – in private. Please contact us: 6979776409,


We will keep you updated for the upcoming groups, courses and trainings.


Be well and safe.

With love,

Sada and Vikrant

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