All sessions are happening by appointment online with videocalls (available on Zoom, Skype, Signal, Messenger, WhatsApp and Viber).


There is a 3 hours DeHypnosis Event with guided meditative-hypnosis online once a month, every last Sunday.


OSHO Evening Meeting Meditation happens online once a month, every last Friday.

Zen – being here and now
Wednesday 31 March and 7, 14 and 21 April 2021 – Friday 2,9 and 16 April 2021

Timings on the Zoom Platform

Wednesday 10:00 – 10:40 am (UTC +3 EEST time zone)

Friday 19:30 – 20:10pm (UTC +3 EEST time zone)


Being here and now in silence listening to an Osho quote on meditation and watchfulness with periods of music and silence, is a unique experience to just be, alone – together.


“Remember one thing continuously: that you have to be more and more silent, and more and more centered within. Whenever you have time, close your eyes and move within. Don’t be busy when there is no business, don’t remain occupied unnecessarily.

Close your outer senses and just fall within. Use any time you find for this and soon the day will come when it will become as easy as moving in and out of your house. You come out of your house without any difficulty; you go back into your house again without any difficulty. You need not even think about how to go in and how to go out. You come out when you are needed outside; you go in when you are not needed outside. The phenomenon becomes this simple if you practice it. Then you can jump out at any moment, and you can jump in at any moment.
And once you have become capable of this easy movement, you have become free. Then the world cannot disturb you. Nothing can disturb you, because nothing reaches you when you are at your innermost center. When you are on the periphery, the world touches you. When you are at the center, you are beyond the world.” Osho


Preparation – Set up


• You need your personal space with your mobile phone switched off or in the flight mode in case you connect from it. If you are living with roommates, let them know that you are entering in meditation, so you are not interapted.
• You need your laptop or mobile with battery charged. Your device needs to have a camera and place it in a way that you can be seen in a close up distance.
• Meditation is silent sitting. There will be periods of silence and periods with music for meditation. You need a place to sit up, a chair or a sofa/couch or on the floor with you back supported or not.
Use any set up that your body feels comfortable with.


The meditation is available to everybody and to those who don’t have any previous experience.


Host – Facilitator: Sada

About Sada 


Participation fee: 5€ bank account deposit – PayPal 5,5€


Information – Bookings:

OSHO Experience Greece: +302106717107, Sada +306979776409 (WhatsApp, Viber),

Women’s Meetings
Starting 5 April 2021

Timings on the Zoom Platform

Every Monday 19:00 – 21:00pm (UCT +3 EEST time zone)


Starting with a Greek language group on 5 April 2021. Every 14 days, after 2 weeks a new meeting will take place.


Starting with an English language group on 12 April 2021. Every 14 days, after 2 weeks a new meeting will take place.


You can participate in one meeting, in all of your language meetings or in all Greek and English, both language meetings.


The issues and the program of our meetings will come up from each of you. (fear, pain, difficulties in every day life – in relating, health issues, anything you feel you need clarity and support)


The completion of each group will have a new guided dehypnosis session, an awakening guided meditation only for women based on each meeting.

You will receive the recording to use daily. This is the most easy and non doing technique to support you in everything that you feel you need to bring light in your life, in everything that needs to change or accept as it is.


Program facilitator: Sada

About Sada


Participation needs early booking in advanced, participation fee 25 € bank account deposit, 26,5€ PayPal


Bookings: 2106717107, +306979776409 (WhatsApp, Viber)

25 April 2021
3 hours DeHypnosis event

Timings on the Zoom Platform

Sunday 11:00am – 14:00pm (UTC +3 EEST time zone)


OSHO DeHypnosis – Meditative Hypnosis
The person sits or lies down and remains in a comfortable position in silence throughout the guidance of OSHO Hypnosis Guided Meditation and allows to follow the instructions through the voice of the instructor.This method unites the relaxation of the hypnosis and the alertness of the meditation, allowing to release repressed energies from the unconscious that occur in everyday life of the individual as conditionings, behaviors or habits. The process allows acceptance and transformation of these energies in a new consciousness potential.
The person, following the voice of the facilitator, relaxes from the constant activity of the mind and experiences the calmness, the aliveness and the innocence he had when he was a playful child.
Daily use of de-hypnosis session recording, just before bedtime requires no effort, rests deeply, brings and grows a natural peace center that is not dependent on external factors.


About Meditation and DeHypnosis


Program facilitators: Vikrant & Sada

About Vikrant & Sada


Participation needs early booking in advanced, participation fee 35 €

The recording of the de-hypnosis session is given free of charge to those who participate. It can be used daily as meditation, instructions will be given.

This group will be in Greek language.

Bookings: 2106717107, 6979776409, 6945770587,

OSHO Evening Meeting
Friday 30 April 2021

Timings online on the Zoom Platform

Friday 19:15 – 20:45pm (UTC +3 EEST time zone)


“That which cannot be said has to be experienced. This is a great experience of getting into the inner space. Something is experienced in this gathering which no one has been able to define. This is the highest peak of the whole day’s working, meditating or doing groups.” Osho


Come to celebrate and meditate together!


Preparation-Set up

• You need your personal space, clean and tidy. Your mobile needs to be off or in flight mode. In case you are living with roommates let them know not to interrupt you during your meditation.
• You need your laptop or mobile with battery charged. Your device needs to have camera and should be placed 1 meter away from you.
• In order to listen to music loudly and clearly, it is preferrable to use external speakers if possible. Alternatively, if you have wireless headphones you may use them.
• You need free space on the floor of approximately 1,50cm x 1,80 cm, so that you can lay your body on the floor at full extent. For your body comfort in this technique it is good if there is a carpet or a fitness mat.
• Is is suggested to wear loose clothes and have an empty stomach.


The group is available to everybody and to those who don’t have any previous experience.


Instructions for the meditation technique are given before the meditation.


Hosts – Facilitators: Sada & Ajita

About Sada, About Ajita


Participation fee: 10€ bank account deposit – PayPal 10,5€


Information – Bookings:

OSHO Experience Greece: +302106717107, Sada +306979776409 (WhatsApp, Viber),

We will keep you updated for the upcoming groups, courses and trainings.


Be well and safe.

With love,

Sada and Vikrant

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