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In order to participate in the meditation groups and trainings, you need to book in advanced. The number of places are limited. Thank you for the understanding.


Online sessions and meetings continue.


There is a DeHypnosis Event – 3 hours, with guided meditative-hypnosis online once a month, every last Sunday.

Constellation DeHypnosis
From Thinking to Being


Saturday 18 September 2021

Timings at the space of the OSHO Meditation Center in Neo Psychiko and online on the Zoom Platform – live

3:00 – 9:00 pm (UTC +3 EEST time zone)

event duration 6 hours with 30 minutes break in between


It is an experiential process based on meditation and uses the technique of systemic constellation and DeHypnosis.
In the first part, each of the participants comes in contact with the potential of silence, quiet and peace that he really experiences in his life.


The constellation is not used as in the family constellation: for the person to be in his physical position as a member of his family – for those who know this type of therapy:

About Family Constellation 


The DeHypnosis constellation is used so the person can see experientially how much of the energy of his life moves in the continuum of his memory thoughts and also how much energy moves naturally inwards in a state where the mind is silent and acts as a servant of life intelligence.
How much energy there is at the moment in the mind in the ego and how much energy there is in silence, in meditation.


The process of the first part gives clarity to the points where man is lost and exists only in the ego.
With this it is possible to enter from these points from experiential identification with the agony that exists behind the constant movement of the mind to the exit: the identification, the observation, the acceptance, follows as a by-product, as a consequence of the experience.


In the second part there is a letting go guidance: DeHypnosis. People lie down in a comfortable position and with their eyes closed they listen the voices of Sada and Vikrant.
With the path clearer after the first process, a deeper integration takes place.
The person comes now into contact more easily with the silence within him.
The words become symbols that indicate silence.


The DeHypnosis method is based on the oldest method of meditation, shravana, the right listening, where the listener listens beyond the inner dialogue of his mind and can exist beyond his memory.
It is a process that is done through friendliness and is useful for everyone, wherever they are on the path of meditation, at the beginning or advanced.

About DeHypnosis


Facilitating: Sada Danai Tsatsouli, Vikrant Alexandros Papaioannou

About Sada and Vikrant


Participation 50 €

limited places at OSHO Experience Greece in Neo Psychiko and online through the Zoom platform


Bookings: 2106717107, +306979776409 (WhatsApp, Viber)

Women’s Meetings


Monday 20 September 2021 with Meditation and Life Constellation (GR)

Timings online on the Zoom Platform

19:00 – 21:30 pm (UTC +3 EEST time zone)

meeting duration 2 hours 30 minutes


Meeting women, dancing, sharing, meditation, life constellation!


Although the meeting is happening via Zoom, is complete in itself and transforming. The process is soft and strong at the same time, an opportunity to feel the love and the healing that women are naturally capable of.


About DeHypnosis

(A new DeHypnosis for the women’s meeting will take place on October 4th)

About Family Constellation 


Facilitating: Sada Danai Tsatsouli


Sada started with Osho meditation techniques and Reiki at a young age, at the age of 13.5, by participating in Reiki groups, Sufi meditations, primal sessions and practicing daily alone, also with family and friends. At the age of 20 she became Sannyasin and traveled to India for the first time at the OSHO International. Within 2 months – where she remained, she participated in her first women’s group. In the following years she continued her annual trips to India at the Osho Center in Pune. By participating in many different groups of women, with different approaches and through her training in guiding different techniques of meditation, meditation hypnosis and therapy such as painting and family constellation – systemic , Sada has created and facilitates women’s groups and meetings. During this covid-period are happening online via Zoom.


Brief bio note

About Sada


Participation needs early booking in advanced, participation fee 25 €


Bookings: 2106717107, +306979776409 (WhatsApp, Viber)

DeHypnosis event (GR)


26 September 2021

Timings on the Zoom Platform

Sunday 11:00am – 14:00pm (UTC +3 EEST time zone)

Meeting duration: 3 hours – including a meditation, a guided dehypnosis meditation and time for sharing


OSHO DeHypnosis – Meditative Hypnosis


The person sits or lies down and remains in a comfortable position in silence throughout the guidance of OSHO Hypnosis Guided Meditation and allows to follow the instructions through the voice of the instructor.This method unites the relaxation of the hypnosis and the alertness of the meditation, allowing to release repressed energies from the unconscious that occur in everyday life of the individual as conditionings, behaviors or habits. The process allows acceptance and transformation of these energies in a new consciousness potential.
The person, following the voice of the facilitator, relaxes from the constant activity of the mind and experiences the calmness, the aliveness and the innocence he had when he was a playful child.
Daily use of de-hypnosis session recording, just before bedtime requires no effort, rests deeply, brings and grows a natural peace center that is not dependent on external factors.


About Meditation and DeHypnosis


Program facilitators: Vikrant & Sada

About Vikrant & Sada


Participation fee: 35€ bank account deposit – PayPal +2€


→ The recording of the session is given to use daily before sleep, suggested for 21-28 days.
→ If you can not be with us on Sunday, you can book your place and receive the recording of the guided awakening meditation – dehypnosis.


This group will be in Greek language.

Bookings: 2106717107, 6979776409, 6945770587,

OSHO® Neo Reiki First Degree Training (GR & EN)


1 – 3 October 2021

OSHO Neo Reiki is a meditation technique.
It uses a way, a method, that becomes a means for meditation.
Meditation is the reality of your existence beyond the continuum of thoughts that create an invisible barrier of ideas, the personality.
All real meditation techniques have a common denominator, the alertness. Not all techniques are meditation.
They are ways to indicate the reality of your existence, through the alertness that they create.
The first degree in OSHO Neo Reiki initially uses touch sensitivity as an alertness technique.
The method leads to relaxation, away from the intensity of the constantly thinking mind.
As you are letting go more and more in this state, meditation occurs. You are still, unmoving from thoughts. And meditation becomes a healing force because it relaxes you and allows nature to heal you. But this is not the main benefit of meditation. It’s just a side effect. The main benefit is that you enter the reality of your existence.

OSHO Neo Reiki is a name given by Osho to ancient knowledge with the understanding that meditation and relaxation exist only in the present moment and in the present moment you move out of time, into the new.

Osho Neo Reiki First Degree is an experiential group, has an initiative procedure and offers the possibility of transmitting the energy through the hands by touching the body. Therapy on ourselves and on others is learned.


The line-genealogy through which knowledge and experience in this training will pass is:
Dr.Mikao Usui, Dr.Churjiro Hayashi, Hawayo Takata, Mary Mc.Fadyen, Anand Himani, Sada


25 hours training: experiential practice, theory and meditation with breaks in between
An Official Certificate is given from the OSHO Experience Greece – official OSHO Meditation Center.
The group is for adults. Will take place in Greek language with English translation.
Booking and interview are required.


Facilitating: Sada Danai Tsatsouli
Sada began her journey with meditation and Reiki in 1997. After 15 years of apprenticeship and extensive experience in Reiki sessions, she was initiated into the OSHO Neo Reiki Master and began facilitating and teaching First, Second Degree, Advanced group trainings and Master in OSHO Neo Reiki.
Short CV, in English:



Friday 1 October: 18:30 – 23:30 pm
Saturday 2 October: 11:00 am – 21:00 pm
Sunday 3 October: 11:00 am – 21:00 pm


25 hours training: experiential practice, theory and meditation with breaks in between
An Official Certificate is given from the OSHO Experience Greece – official OSHO Meditation Center.
The group is for adults. Will take place in Greek language with English translation.
Booking and interview are required.


Training: 550 € (25 hours training, online Follow up meeting is included and will take place 21 days after the training, a DeHypnosis recording is given – awakening meditation to use before bedtime and free participation is provided for practice in all the upcoming groups and trainings of OSHO Neo Reiki First Degree.)


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Be well and safe.

With love,

Sada and Vikrant

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