All sessions are happening by appointment online with videocalls (available on Zoom, Skype, Signal, Messenger, What’s up and Viber).


There is a DeHypnosis event with guided meditative-hypnosis online at least once a month.


The space of the Center is closed until 1 February 2021.

When open, all the measures in need are taken to protect and take care the health of everyone. Participation in the Center is maximum 7 people per group due to COVID-19 and the use of mask is now required. To participate you need to book your place in advanced.


OSHO Neo Reiki First Degree trainings can happen to an individual – in private. Please contact us: 6979776409,


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31 January 2021

3 hours DeHypnosis event

Timings on the Zoom Platform

Sunday 11:00am – 14:00pm (UTC +2 EET time zone)


OSHO DeHypnosis – Meditative Hypnosis
The person sits or lies down and remains in a comfortable position in silence throughout the guidance of OSHO Hypnosis Guided Meditation and allows to follow the instructions through the voice of the instructor.This method unites the relaxation of the hypnosis and the alertness of the meditation, allowing to release repressed energies from the unconscious that occur in everyday life of the individual as conditionings, behaviors or habits. The process allows acceptance and transformation of these energies in a new consciousness potential.
The person, following the voice of the facilitator, relaxes from the constant activity of the mind and experiences the calmness, the aliveness and the innocence he had when he was a playful child.
Daily use of de-hypnosis session recording, just before bedtime requires no effort, rests deeply, brings and grows a natural peace center that is not dependent on external factors.


About Meditation and DeHypnosis


Program facilitators: Vikrant & Sada

About Vikrant & Sada


Participation needs early booking in advanced, participation fee 35 €

The recording of the de-hypnosis session is given free of charge to those who participate (recording price 25 €). It can be used daily as meditation, instructions will be given.

This group will be in Greek language.

Bookings: 2106717107, 6979776409, 6945770587,

We will keep you updated for the upcoming groups, courses and trainings.


Be well and safe.

With love,

Sada and Vikrant

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