OSHO neo reiki

Reiki is a Japanese word and it means “Universal Life Force Energy”. Rediscovered from the Japanese Dr.Mikao Usui in the beginning of the 20th century. Dr.Mikao Usui lived from 1926 up to 1985.

Usui searched out the way for healing the spirit and the body. After many years of research and meditation, the ability and the keys of treatment were revealed and given to him.

Dr.Mikao Usui  trained and initiated his students as Reiki Masters and they also initiated their students as Reiki Masters to teach and spread the Reiki into the world.

The Reiki line from which we come from as Reiki Masters is:

Dr.Mikao Usui , Dr.Churjiro Hayashi, Hawayo Takata, Mary Mc Fadyen , Anand Himani, Amano Vikrant


Dr.Mikao Usui , Dr.Churjiro Hayashi, Hawayo Takata, Mary Mc Fadyen , Anand Himani, Sada

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OSHO neo reiki first degree training

Osho Neo Reiki First Degree is an experiential group, has an initiative procedure and offers the possibility of transmitting the energy through the hands by touching the body. Therapy on ourselves and on others is learned.

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OSHO neo reiki advanced training part 1

Indicatively we mention what offers the process of the group: Advanced OSHO Neo Reiki part 1 – “Regaining self love”.
It offers structures through which the inner space of the spiritual heart opens.

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OSHO neo reiki second degree training

The Reiki Second Degree is available after the experience of the use and practice of First Degree for over a year or more. The energy with the Reiki Second Degree moves beyond the limits of space and time.

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OSHO neo reiki advanced training part 2

The Advanced OSHO Neo Reiki Part 2 group – “Regaining Strength” is available to those who have Reiki Second Degree and have participated in Advanced OSHO Neo Reiki Part 1 group.

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OSHO neo reiki advanced training part 3

The Advanced OSHO Neo Reiki Part 3 group – “Regaining Dignity” is available to those who have Reiki Second Degree, have participated in Advanced OSHO Neo Reiki Part 1 & Part 2 and have experience in the practice of Reiki.

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OSHO neo reiki facilitating training – master degree

The level of the Reiki Master is available to those who want to teach the OSHO Neo Reiki to the world and continue their apprenticeship in Reiki and meditation through teaching.

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Feedbacks on OSHO Neo Reiki Trainings

During this two months period, with the exchange of OSHO Neo Reiki Second Degree sessions organized by the OSHO Experience Greece and facilitated by Vikrant and Sada, I saw how great my fear and anxiety are. I recognized that behind of all the problems there is a common pain in all the people. I shared and was exposed and this brought me closer to the rest of the team.

The exchange of the healing sessions was done in a simple and playful way, which was very helpful. Contact with the team supported me during the “difficult” hours.

Osho Neo Reiki is an endless gift of knowledge and potentials. It gives me freedom without creating guilt.

In contrast to my previous experience and training in another Reiki system

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Deeksha-Marianthi Ntinopoulou – MD Anesthesiologist

With OSHO Neo Reiki 2nd Degree I started trusting what I feel in terms of situation in my life and in my relationships with other people. I began to have more clarity on some issues that were bothering me, without the ideas that I had about how things are. I experienced that I can use the mind in a meditation technique, such as Second Degree, to go deeper into meditation without the mind being an “obstacle” to my meditation, but a useful tool.
In the 2nd Degree I experienced love and union with everything. I made contact with the pain, the agony and the tension that exists in my body and I stayed there with love. I experienced that only through pain I can have peace and bliss.

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Vivek Danai-Eirini Tsatsouli – Vegan Chef

Through the OSHO Neo Reiki Second Degree group and the follow up process of two months period, more clarity and acceptance came for ‘where I am’ today. I became more aware of my fears that I want to keep hidden. Fears about where I am going, what is useful to do, how I am and I am not and how I would like to be.
I realized the tension and the anger that is created in me by this constantly exhausting effort. I was supported in this, through the sessions that were exchanged with the people who participated and the same happened by exchanging sessions on issues.
Through them and through the process I got the courage, support and distance to see myself as it is now. To relax, to accept and to be more friendly with what really exists inside me and outside me.

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Fatima Anurag-Tina Triantaphyllopoulou – OSHO Neo Reiki Facilitator & State Employee Ministry of Finance

When I received the first degree in Osho Neo Reiki in the summer of 2015, I had no idea what would follow. I also hadn’t understand or experience what meditation means. My teacher told us that if we continue on the path of meditation, life will be like Harry Potter. This phrase stayed in me, constantly exciting my imagination.

5 ½ years have passed since then. My contact with meditation, even with Reiki was fragmentary and without continuity, without long periods of engagement and of course in any case it hadn’t been my way of life.

In November 2020 I got the 2nd degree. Within 2 months my life has turned 180°. Meditation exists in my daily life as a natural process.

My mentality, if I may say so, is completely different. My sensitivity, sometimes at the peak, sometimes less,

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Fanis Zachopoulos – Lawyer

Second degree of Osho Neo Reiki brings me to my heart and to my senses. Through the meditative techniques of OSHO Neo Reiki I have inner quietness and clarity in the way I see things in life. I’m in synchronicity with life and everything that exists in the here and now, always new and fresh. I’m more conscious in my life. The automatic mechanical movements-habits day by day are reducing. One of the habits, I no longer have today, is smoking, one harmful habit of years that had become a necessity. I had tried many times over the years to quit smoking but never successfully. In today, I didn’t get the decision to quit smoking. Simply and effortless, through the opening of my senses and the love I receive through Reiki, my body doesn’t want it anymore.

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Ajita M.Kastrioti – Astrologer & ΟSHO meditations facilitator

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