OSHO art therapy

Primal painting

In this group we look at the basic phycology of creativity and what prevents us from true creative expression.

We examine our subconscious blocks around creativity and with the help of others learn to move beyond our old habitsand limitations. We search for our childlike joy and without getting caught up with ideas, we discover our unique way to express ourselves.


Self portrait

In this group we make a deep investigation of inner beauty and take a close look at our resistance to encounter ourselves.

In a very unique way of doing self portraits we move beyond the superficial mask and discover layer upon layer of our own inner beauty until we come to the point where there is no face. We also do portraits of others and examine our relationship to close family members. In the mirror of the other we meet ourselves on a deep level.

Painting in nature

We experience being part in the nature that surround us. As we paint the trees and plants we reconnect with a forgotten part of ourselves that can only be rediscovered through the world of nature.

Painting in nature is an adventure. It is a meeting of opposites, light and dark, form and no form, life and death. It is a meeting of opposite qualities existing together as complementaries. When painting outside in the nature, we do not try to copy the nature, but rather become one with it. We do not pain from the head, we join the dance of the nature. In this way we experience that we are part of it. Now true creativity becomes possible.


photo-paintings: Sada Danai Tsatsouli

training-source: https://meera-art-foundation.com/

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