OSHO meditation in depth

This can be a 3 or 4 days course – training introducing the OSHO Active Meditation techniques and experiencing meditation in depth.


Some of the topics of the course are:

What is meditation and what is a meditation technique?

What is the difference between OSHO Meditations and other techniques?

The science behind the OSHO Active Meditations, the essence of their steps, the vital points that make all the difference.

Practicing and experiencing together many of the techniques.


Some of the topics of the training are:

Short meditations from the Book of Secrets to use in your daily life and while working as a facilitator.

The art of facilitating: your role as facilitator, guidelines for facilitating.

Your own questions and how to respond to meditators’ questions.

Presentation practice, time for questions.

*Official Certificate of Attendance is given.

What is meditation? Is it a technique that can be practiced? Is it an effort that you have to do?

Is it something which the mind can achieve?


It is not.
All that the mind can do cannot be meditation. It is something beyond the mind; the mind is absolutely helpless there. The mind cannot penetrate meditation: where mind ends, meditation begins.

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