OSHO neo reiki master

The OSHO Neo Reiki Facilitating is known as the level of the Reiki Master or Reiki Third Degree. It is available to those who want to teach the OSHO Neo Reiki to the world and continue their apprenticeship in Reiki and meditation through teaching.

Participation in Meditation Coaching and Advanced OSHO Neo Reiki Part 1, 2 and 3 Trainings is needed. Presence and availability in OSHO Neo Reiki groups and experience in Reiki sessions are also needed.

Training in the meditation techniques is given according Osho’s instructions. Training in facilitating the Meditation Coaching and the Advanced OSHO Neo Reiki groups is given.

The time for the training for OSHO Neo Master is proportional preparation and experience needed to guide all group of OSHO Neo Reiki. The final process takes three days and ends with the initiation of the individual to the Master degree, opening the possibility to initiate other people.