OSHO neo reiki first degree

Reiki is an ancient natural healing technique and it means Universal Life Force Energy. It became known through Sanskrit scriptures 2.500 years old. Reiki has three training levels: the First Degree, the Second Degree and the Master Degree. The level of Master Degree is for teaching.

Osho Neo Reiki First Degree is an experiential group, has an initiative procedure and offers the possibility of transmitting the energy through the hands by touching the body. Therapy on ourselves and on others is learned.

A Reiki session is like resting during a night sleep. It refreshes, heals and fills the body with energy. It creates watchfulness and distance from the intensity of continuous and uncontrollable thoughts of the mind. The experience is unique and relaxing . Every time is different. It raises consciousness and it is simple to use. In the OSHO Neo Reiki First Degree group, meditation and OSHO Meditation techniques are learned.

Osho Neo Reiki started in 1988 in “Mystic School” in OSHO International Pune - India. New dimensions are given to an ancient technique with the instructions of Osho on meditation and his vision of the “new man”: Zorba the Buddha.