OSHO neo reiki second degree

The Reiki Second Degree is available after the experience of the use and practice of First Degree for over a year or more.
The energy with the Reiki Second Degree moves beyond the limits of space and time.

Larger amounts of energy and potentials are available through the initiation process of the group.
Indicative are:
The ability of concentration and reinforcement of the energy in specific place and time.
The ability of transmitting the energy at any distance, without limits and beyond time, past or future.
The ability of transmitting the energy for the mental and emotional treatment of situations of the past.
The ability to use the energy to make contact and treatment in situations or people.
The ability to use energy techniques that bring clarity and answers to any question through a higher understanding.
Integration of specific meditation techniques according Osho’s instructions and Reiki Second Degree.

It is an experiential group in which limitless potentials of the use of energy are taught, through symbols - keys, as delivered to us from manuscripts of Hawayo Takata. All the abilities of the techniques that are trained in OSHO Neo Reiki Second Degree are experienced practically during the process of the group.