advanced OSHO neo reiki part 2

The Advanced OSHO Neo Reiki Part 2 group – “Regaining Strength” is available to those who have Reiki Second Degree and have participated in Advanced OSHO Neo Reiki Part 1 group.
Indicatively we mention what offers the process of the group.
There is use of the symbols from different energy centers. We watch the changes that the symbols cause to ourselves and we find our own way.
Particular attention is given to the possibilities of the use of Reiki in situations. We explore the possibilities through specific techniques of the Second Degree.
The energy bodies, what they represent, their qualities, how we perceive them (through energy reading) and their healing, are taught.
There is integration, through Osho’s instruction, of the meditation techniques and the Reiki of the Second Degree.
Through confrontation exercises we experience the qualities of the “therapist”.

This is a training process and is useful for everyone, especially for those who work or wish to work with Reiki sessions.

To participate interview is required.