advanced OSHO neo reiki part 1

Indicatively we mention what offers the process of the group: Advanced OSHO Neo Reiki part 1 - “Regaining self love”.

It offers structures through which the inner space of the spiritual heart opens.
Experiments are done in “reading” the energy of another person, that show the differences between the perception of the head and that of the heart.
There is integration, according to Osho’s instructions, of the meditation techniques and Reiki.
Sensitivity, balance and healing of the energy centers are trained.
The role of the therapist is explored.

This is a training process and supports the creative communication of people in their personal and professional relationships.
It is also particularly useful for those who give Reiki sessions.

The group is available to those who have Reiki whatever level they have.
For those who wish to participate and are from another System of Reiki, interview is required.