business feng shui

Each professional room - space, receives different energies that affect the persons that work in it. The energies depend on its orientation, on the building construction date and on the floor plan.

For a Business Feng Shui, the floor plan, the date of construction or renovation, measurement with a Luo Pan compass, study of the external characteristics of the house and study of the internal configuration, are needed.

The energy of the main entrance, is the key element for a professional room - space. If the energy that enters in the space, brings wealth or economic difficulties. This is the main reason why some businesses thrive and others shut down very soon or continuously change name - without Feng Shui being done. It is also important, the kind of energy the accounts office or the cash desk of the enterprise receive. It depends on the position of them in the room - space. It also depends on the energies that exist where the persons are working. The consultant studies if these energies are appropriate for people’s efficiency, according to their work.

Business Feng Shui is essential for the economic prosperity of the business and the functional relations of the people who are working together.

The consultant is able to diagnose what is the current situation of the company, what is the potential of the company and he can give healing solutions through the technique of Flying Stars Feng Shui. The healing methods Xuan Kong Da Gua and Water Methods of Feng Shui are knowledge that is used to bring wealth, profit and economic growth to the business, with immediate results.

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