OSHO hypnosis for meditation

OSHO Hypnosis for Meditation is a session that lasts about one and a half hour and is given to an individual or to a group. The person is guided from the session giver, relaxes deeply and his consciousness grows. This method is used in order to help the person to deepen into meditation or to bring clarity to a problem.

“Meditation is there, but it is not dry and juiceless because the hypnosis is making you feel relaxed, peaceful, juicy. Hypnosis is there, but there is no unconsciousness because your meditation is keeping you alert. Nobody has tried the combination for the simple reason that they think they are contradictory – how can they be combined? But as you know, I am a man of contradictions: I don’t believe that anything is contradictory; my understanding is that everything can become complementary. And meditation and hypnosis together is a far richer experience than either of them can give you separately.”