I would like to share a taste of the most important experiences for me in Osho Experience Greece in New Psychiko. I was found in a good aesthetic space that welcomes you, transmitting you directly calmness, serenity and joy, to get information on meditation. I have passed from other places also looking for people who can transmit a substantial technique that helps calming the mind. To get away from anxiety, self - criticism, criticism of others and the imaginable quarrels with the whole universe. Finally I stayed in Osho Experience Greece and participated in many groups. Not only Meditation Groups that truly satisfied my initial need but Reiki group also, Family Constellation group and I hope to participate in many more. Every group was for me revealing. Every group was like a variant of deepening in meditation. To this medicine for mental turmoil that goes far beyond psychoanalysis. That not only makes you realize your problems, but also being able to see them from an entirely unexpected perspective, to de-identify yourself and then with a magical way knots are solved. The magical way doesn’t mean instant of course. The changes are progressive and the setbacks can be quite few. But the longing grows as enjoyment of life grows. I realize: meditation -through the teachings of Osho- doesn’t mean at all being a monk and being self-compulsion, but on the contrary it means creative agreement and participation in the joy of life. If I could summarize in one sentence the experience of the last five months in the Osho Experience Greece, I would say that I am again becoming a child in a different way. As a child I was feeling carefree, happy and protected from my family (with several cracks of course in terms of protection). Now I feel more and more often carefree, joy and great protection from my own self.

Chrysa Spilioti

February 2016

7 years ago, in a period of my life that I was dealing with a personal issue, I was found “accidentally” in Osho Experience Greece for the first time. Until that moment I had no idea about Reiki, meditation or anything energetical. I started receiving Reiki sessions and at the same time I started meditating to support myself. So my “problem” was the reason to begin my personal quest… During these years I was initiated in the 1st and 2nd degree of OSHO Neo Reiki and I have participated in various therapy groups and meditative experiences like OSHO Mystic Rose, OSHO No Mind, OSHO Born Again, OSHO Primal Painting, OSHO Family Constellation, Meditation Coaching and others. I can’t pick out any specific group because each of them has its own beauty and uniqueness. What I feel is to share some of the changes that have occurred to me and in my life, in general. In the period "before Reiki» as I call it, I was apparently a sociable man, dynamic, happy and without major problems. I just had some tension that I wanted to impute to everyday life. And so the days and the years passed believing that everything was flowing smoothly.

However with Reiki and meditation, light slowly began to enter and truth started revealing. And the truth was completely different from the image that I was showing, mainly from that I had convinced myself that I was. I started realizing that in fact I was a miserable man, full of tension, criticism and anger, without having the slightest idea of what is joy, love, freedom, life, without being able to associate with other people simply and naturally. I was only associating through roles… I was more or less a well-programmed robot to successfully perform the daily program, having the result as a goal. I was living for doing and achieving things and through this "success" I wanted to rejoice and get value ... and many more.

The first step was made and truth began to reveal. And comes the point when you say to yourself: nice, now I saw it and what happens from now on? How do I change what I know? How do I leave the familiar to follow the unknown, a totally different way of life? How different can I be from what I know and do so successfully for 34 years? And what cost and impact will this have in my life and my relationships? What will I have to sacrifice? I had invested so much to create a "decent" image... This was exactly the point that courage was needed to allow the change and despite the fear and my inhibitions something inside me told me that this is the right path to follow. I'm blessed because right from the beginning of this trip I had the support of my 2 wonderful friends and teachers, Vikrant and Sada, who in every obstacle I was facing in my life were and are there to support with their love and presence. And there were many moments when I was flinching and thinking to stop, but with a special unique way, through their love, I was finding again my lost courage and I was continuing. They keep on saying: "all you need to do is Reiki and meditation and everything will happen on its own." And they are right... !!!!

So today, after 7 years of personal quest and inner work, with everyday Reiki sessions and meditation, I can say that the man I used to be is far away from the man I am today. Through the realization that all my attitudes towards others were projections of what I was feeling for myself, I started healing my wounds and at the same time the way I was feeling about myself started changing. And then my behavior towards others also started changing. For the first time in my life I began loving myself without criticism... it sounds so simple but actually it is the most difficult. . If you ask someone if he loves himself, he will tell you immediately without thinking: “of course”! The truth is that none of us has learned to love and accept himself as he is. I no longer feel that I'm worthless and dumb, a belief that was so deep rooted in me that I thought I was nothing more than this. That was limiting me to do things. But I discovered that I am a creative person with intelligence.

For the first time in my life I experienced joy. When I say joy, I don’t mean the "social" joy, the feeling that you have when you are with others and you have fun, but I mean the inner joy. The joy to be with myself without doing anything. I always wanted to have the necessary and strict conditions to be delighted or to do something. Now this condition is no more and I experience the spontaneous joy, the joy of "I exist". I have experienced being spontaneous and not impulsive, and this has given me freedom. My heart has softened and I allow to feel and express myself through it. I couldn’t trust people before because my fear was predominant. I had the condition that trusting people and letting myself , would hurt me because the other sooner or later would see that I was not sufficient as I am and he would leave me. So I was holding myself back and I was creating typical relations, even though I was calling them love relations. And I experienced how it is to relate with people from the heart unconditionally… and it is something magical. How it is when my heart speaks, my heart sees, my heart listens. And the heart has only beauty to share and this beauty has started spreading in my daily life. How different it is to watch the beauty that there is and not the negative. How beautiful it is that I choose instead of darkness to put light in my life. Everything inside me and outside me have gained a beauty that can’t be described. There are moments when I feel like a child that faces the world for the first time. And this world has so alive colors and sounds, so much beauty. And it enraptures me, it touches me so that my eyes are full of tears of gratitude. I feel gratitude for myself, my path and my growing up. I feel worthy and sufficient as I am for the first time. The emptiness I was feeling within me and I was begging from others to fulfill, day by day is fulfilling from the love for myself. Now I can share with others that which starts overflowing in me: this tenderness and care for others. And it's so beautiful to discover how wonderful and relaxing is to allow to be natural, simple without roles. Without preconditions, requirements and “have to”. I have started to "be" and this has given birth to my newfound longing for life. Longing to go even deeper and discover my truth. This was the reason I started my apprenticeship to become Osho Neo Reiki Master. To know myself as much as possible and to become all that I can be. It is clear to me that this is my path and that in this path I want to experience the days that I have.

Fatima Anurag

July 2016

There are many things that have changed in my life since Osho and Reiki were found on my path. I started meditating when I was 14 years old. In a very difficult phase of my life, teenage. I had depression and I didn’t find any meaning in living. Giving myself daily in Reiki sessions and using the meditation techniques that Osho has given, I started to have joy for life, I began to see the beauty all around me. I was what they call "fake". I was careful with the way I would sit, what I would say or how to say it. I was so interested in the opinion and acceptance of the others that I was sacrificing myself and my truth. By "doing" meditation I started to becoming more simple, more natural. The roles began to fall little by little, without really doing anything, without effort, only by giving myself in meditation.

This is the magic with OSHO Neo Reiki and Osho Meditations: you don’t have to do something, it just happens. When I was 21 years old I was initiated in the 2nd Degree of Reiki and when I was 22 years old I went to OSHO International Meditation Resort in Pune, India for the first time. There I felt I found my home. When I was 28 years old I was trained in Advanced OSHO Neo Reiki (Part I, II, III), which opened my perception about things and gave me more possibilities to work with myself and with others.

I did OSHO Meditation Coaching with Vikrant for 1,5 years. This supported me, perhaps more than anything else, it grew me up, I saw my roles more clearly, I came in touch with the pain in my heart, with the wounded child in me and this pain softened me, threw my defenses. I started making better contact with people, real contact, because we all have the same pains , the same wounds. With OSHO Coaching Meditation I quit smoking. It came easy, natural. I have started being more creative in what I do, in simple things: cleaning the house, cooking, watering the plants, and this little by little spread throughout my life. With OSHO Hypnosis for Meditation that I participated in OSHO Experience Greece, I relaxed deeply. It brought me closer and closer to the body. I realized that I am not the body. I enjoyed this deep relaxation. It rested me and gave me energy as if I had slept more than 8 hours.
My love for Osho and for the meditation techniques that he has given to the modern man and my will to deepen into meditation and into myself have led me to be trained in OSHO No Mind Meditation Therapy from Vikrant and in Meditation In- Depth from Sudheer in the OSHO Meditation Center. By entering into meditation with playfulness, not seriously (as I was entering), without expectations, and without judging myself, I can experience this deep relaxation and quietness, I can experience meditation.

I participated in OSHO Primal Painting that Sada facilitated some time ago and it was one of the most beautiful experiential group I've ever done. I felt acceptance for myself and for others. I saw the beauty of each person, of each individual. That each of us is unique. I felt support and love from Sada and from everyone in the group. This relaxed me deep inside, healed me. I experienced the contact from heart-to-heart and this melted me, softened me. I felt joy and I danced and sang and painted like a child! It was a unique experience!

For me, OSHO Neo Reiki and meditation is the path that helps me to grow and supports me in every step. I am grateful for Sada and Vikrant who have made this beautiful Meditation Center with love for Osho and people.

Vivek Danai

April 2017

My first contact with OSHO Experience Greece was in May 2013. My beloved childhood friend Deva Nanda had suggested it and I have that meeting in my heart, I remember it as if it was yesterday.
As I found out, after the first appointment in the OSHO Center, I felt comfortably, friendliness, security and care from Vikrant and Sada.
I was so intrigued that, after a month, I participated in Reiki First Degree Training.
Two years later, in December 2015, I was initiated in Reiki 2nd Degree.
I would say that this is the best gift I have ever given to myself up to now: this journey of inner quest.
Throughout this process, I participated in various experiential groups at the Center under the guidance of Vikrant, Sada and guests from abroad.
One of the groups I participated in was OSHO Women's Group: Femininity Beyond Conditioning. I've been waiting for such a group for a long time. I felt that something needed to be united in me. It was a three-day group through which I came into contact with women's qualities.
Female energy is receptive, has acceptance, has compassion, love, trust, beauty,
honesty, creativity. Through experiential exercises, meditations and Dehypnosis sessions, I was allowed to come in contact with my female side. It is a gift. It is so beautiful for all women to experience.
I thank Sada and Vikrant who have created with love and care the OSHO Center in Athens, which supports people.

Prem Archana

July 2018

I met Sada and Vikrant when I called Sada as a Feng Shui Consultant - Therapist in 2012 to do a Feng Shui study and healing in my shop. Everyone was telling me then: "What problems are you creating for yourself with Feng Shui? This is nonsense and these people are fooling you." I didn’t listen to them of course because I was aware that I was losing money although the shop was working well. I also had a lot of quarrels with the employees. Three days after I did the Feng Shui, I immediately saw the difference. We calmed down and the quarrels with the employees stopped. The clients who didn’t pay me, began to pay me. Then we had a nice flow at work.
After the changes I saw in my store, I called Sada to do a Feng Shui study in my home. Until then, my children were not interested in studying. This changed after the healing and they asked me to go to a tutorial because they had lost many lessons at school. They participated in extra lessons and their progress went quite well. Now both of my sons are abroad and do something they love.  

In our meetings, Sada and Vikrant shared with me about meditation and Reiki, but then, all I cared about was working, being successful in my profession and being powerful. I didn’t pay any attention to my body needs. I had hidden my heart well so she had no right to ask me for anything. I didn’t want to feel the pain I was causing myself.  

There was a moment that I needed support. I was remembering that they had told me about Reiki and finally I found one woman that was giving Reiki near my home and work area and I got the First Degree from her. Then I continued to the Second and Third Degree of Reiki. After that I began to feel that something was wrong because I couldn’t take care of myself with what I had learned. My ego and fear were not letting me decide that I needed a change. My ego wasn’t deciding but my body was asking me for help every day. I got to the point of not recognizing myself, of not being able to do anything and of failing to take care of me.  

So in February 2016 I decided to ask for help and the only solution that was left was to go to OSHO Experience Greece. So coming to the Center I met something new: meditation. At least for me it was new. I never thought that meditation cures people's souls, I had misunderstood. Practicing daily meditation under the guidance of Sada and Vikrant I felt the joy again in my guts, I began to feel my body, I started to feel myself!

In April 2016 I got the First Degree OSHO Neo Reiki. During that year I attended and participated in several groups: OSHO Born Again, OSHO No Mind & Training, OSHO Neo Reiki Part 1, OSHO Primal Painting & Training, OSHO Meditation In Depth & Facilitating, OSHO Meditation Coaching and many DeHypnosis groups.
In December 2017 I got the Second Degree OSHO Neo Reiki. In the following year, in 2018 I participated in: Advanced OSHO Neo Reiki Part 2, OSHO Women's Group: Femininity Beyond Conditioning and OSHO Inner Skills.

I am grateful to be in this place. And that I change and grow up step by step with these wonderful, heartful people. They gave me the opportunity to be myself, to break my shackles from the past, to be conscious here now, to fill my heart with love, blessing and gratitude, to rejoice each moment, to attribute to my work better than ever, to be able to see and feel people as unique.
I can finally say that I feel beautifully!
Thank you from my heart Sada and Vikrant and I thank all the friends I met and enjoy with them all the groups.


Μάρτιος 2019