meditation coaching

Meditation coaching is given individually or in a group. It includes 4 sessions monthly and lasts one hour and a half. The sessions take place once a week. No previous experience is required.

Guidance is given in meditation and awareness techniques as given by Masters. In every meeting new instructions and guidance are given that support the process.

Daily availability is needed in meditation and in the techniques to participate in Meditation Coaching.

The process is pleasant, it releases and transforms the repressed energies into a new dynamic that grows with meditation.

Man acquires a different sense of self and realizes that joy is a personal matter and doesn’t depend on external factors. He understands that he is responsible for his joy and becomes independent from requesting acceptance, love, recognition and acknowledge from others. This way he is driven towards freedom.

Vikrant or Sada facilitate Meditation Coaching.

The session can also take place by phone or via Skype, if there is distance or necessity.