monthly painting groups

Monthly painting groups are small groups where people paint on handmade papers from India, with colors, like children do.

Through creative exercises, self awareness and meditation, you come in contact with yourself in a very unique way, beyond the analytical mind. Beyond any preconception of what is right and wrong, beautiful and ugly, beyond any kind of technique, you discover your unique way of expression and creation through painting.

As the group progresses and evolves it comes in contact with the self-portrait. As you discover and deepen into your painting skill, you deepen into yourself. Painting your portrait is a powerful experience and at the same time healing, through which you come in deeper contact with your natural, authentic being.

It is a group that uses painting as a means to get in touch with yourself and the source of your creativity and with everything that was holding you back until now. So you can express yourself freely. When you are creative, an energy is emerging into you, and expands beyond painting, in everything that you do.

Monthly Painting Groups meeting once a week, specific day and hours:

Morning group: 10:00 a.m - 13:30 p.m
Evening group: 18:00 p.m - 21:30 p.m

Monthly Painting Groups meeting once a month, specific day: Sunday and hours:

10:00 a.m - 18:00 p.m