OSHO meditations day

In this one-day group of OSHO Meditations, OSHO Active Meditations and awareness techniques are facilitated. They are designed by Osho with scientific way to help us experience and express consciously our repressed feelings and emotions and learn the knack of watching our habits and ourselves in an entirely new way.
These techniques can be used daily by man himself either alone or in a group with others.

“My method can be used in a group, but the group is not necessary, you can use it alone. Any group can become a dependence - so that you can work only in the group. Out of the group, you are back to your usual self. When you are in the group you are a certain person, when you leave the group, you are a different person.

I don’t want my sannyasins to be dependent. It is perfectly good to have small groups, but the methods I have given to you are individual, you can work alone. You don’t need anybody to watch you, because my method is that you have to be the watcher.

So my approach is individual. I am not giving you school methods: I am giving you individual methods, which can be done together with friends, which can be done alone. So you have freedom.
What I have been telling you is something which cannot be misused in any way by you.
And witnessing is a purely individual phenomenon.”
Osho, Light on the Path

Why active meditations?
“I use chaotic methods rather than systematic ones because a chaotic method is very helpful in pushing the center down from the brain. The center cannot be pushed down through any systematic method because systemization is brain work. Through a systematic method, the brain will be strengthened; more energy will be added to it. Through chaotic methods, the brain is nullified. It has nothing to do. The method is so chaotic that the center is automatically pushed from the brain to the heart. If you do my method of Dynamic Meditation vigorously, unsystematically, chaotically, your center moves to the heart. Then there is a catharsis.

A catharsis is needed because your heart is so suppressed, due to your brain. Your brain has taken over so much of your being that it dominates you. There is no place for the heart, so the longings of the heart are suppressed. You have never laughed heartily, never lived heartily, never done anything heartily. The brain always comes in to systematize, to make things mathematical, and the heart is suppressed. So firstly, a chaotic method is needed to push the center of consciousness from the brain toward the heart.

Then catharsis is needed to unburden the heart, to throw off suppressions, to make the heart open. If the heart becomes light and unburdened, then the center of consciousness is pushed still lower, it comes to the navel. The navel is the source of vitality, the seed source from which everything else comes: the body and the mind and everything.

Chaotic methods are needed to push the consciousness to its roots, because only from the roots is transformation possible. Otherwise you will go on verbalizing and there will be no transformation. It is not enough just to know what is right. You have to transform the roots, otherwise you will not change.

But we are in an altogether different situation now. The whole atmosphere, the whole thought-sphere, has changed. Every method is organic to a particular situation, to a particular mind, to a particular man. So to me, the fact that the old methods don’t work doesn’t mean that no method is useful. It only means that the methods themselves must change. As I see the situation, modern man has changed so much that he needs new methods, new techniques.”

Osho, The Psychology of the Esoteric